Solstice 600

This is it folks, the big one! A 600 km tour of Interior Alaska at the height of summer. The only 600 in the country that even a moderately paced rider can do entirely in daylight. Nighttime lasts less than four hours in Tok at the end of June. And there is a lot to see along the way–spectacular views of the Alaska Range, the stunning colors of Rainbow Ridge, the snow capped peaks of the the Wrangells, and other natural wonders. Wildlife abounds–moose, dall sheep, porcupines, hares, and maybe even a wolf or lynx. And don’t forget the man-made creations. You will see the Alyeska Pipeline, rustic roadhouses and kitschy roadside attractions. Mukluk Land anyone?

Navigation couldn’t be simpler.  The route is one big triangle, almost exactly 200 kilometers per side. Starting at the Gakona Roadhouse, riders head west for a few miles to the Richardson Highway. From there it is a straight shot North for 200 kilometers to Delta Junction. 200k riders can call it quits here. At Delta Junction, head Southeast for 200 kilometers to Tok. Tok has all services and is the usual overnight spot for riders. 400k riders can hop off here. From Tok it is another 200 kilometers Southwest back to Gakona and a well deserved rest.

This ride is big and remote. There are very long stretches with no services or cell phone coverage. Be sure of yourself and your equipment. We will try to provide a drop bag service in Tok. If you are coming from out of state contact me for help with logistics. If there enough interested people we can arrange for transportation from Anchorage to Gakona and back.

600k Route.

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