Denali Randonneurs is putting together an order of merino cycling jerseys from Soigneur. These are some of the nicest, most well made, and warmest jerseys around. They are ideal for our early season rides, late season rides and cooler days in mid-season. Pretty much any time you are riding a road bike in Alaska. They are not cheap, but are very reasonably priced for what you get. 

The jerseys will be 1/4 zip with three back pockets. They will be Alaska flag colors–navy blue with yellow lettering and trim. The lettering and design are woven into the fabric, not stitched on. The Alaska flag stars are embroidered on the center back pocket.

You will have your choice of long or short sleeves. The jerseys come in sizes XS to XXXL, in both standard unisex and women’s specific cuts. Please see Soigneur’s website for information on sizing. 

The order form will stay active until 5:00 pm on Wednesday December 1, and then the collective ordered will be submitted to Soigneur. The jerseys will all be shipped to me (your RBA, Thomas Dosik) in Anchorage. I expect that they will arrive sometime in mid-January but with the current state of the world, it could be longer. I will arrange times and places for people to come pick up their jerseys. (You will be welcome to stop by my house in West Anchorage pretty much any reasonable hour, and I will arrange for a few other times and places around town as well.) If you want your jersey shipped anywhere in the United States I will send it by U.S. mail and there will be an additional $10 charge per Jersey.

After this initial order is received, people will be able to order jerseys directly from Soigneur, but shipping will be an additional $40.

Please read the sizing information carefully. THERE WILL BE NO RETURNS, EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS! (But I can try to facilitate trades between people who might have inadvertently gotten the wrong sizes).



The 2021 season is over for Denali Randonneurs. But there is always next year…



Come Ride With Us!

It’s 2021 and Denali Randonneurs is back!  The snow is deep and beautiful but the sun is shining and soon it will be time to ride the roads. Our first ride is coming sooner than you think–on May 1 in Homer. In order to participate in our rides you need to be a member of Denali Randonneurs, and a member of Randonneurs USA. If you haven’t already, you can join or renew your RUSA membership HERE.   


JOIN DENALIRANDONNEURS HERE!  Membership is $45. Your $45 entitles you to participate in as many or as few of our rides as you like. (Except there may be a small additional fee for the Solstice rides in Gakona).  You will still need to register in advance for each ride. When you show up for your first ride you will get a reflective top tube sticker for your bike, and one of these awesome custom Denali Randonneurs Camelbak Podium water bottles. 


REGISTER FOR RIDES HERE! Registration now open for all rides. Check each ride page for details, GPS and cue sheets.

Comments are now open on each ride page.  Leave comments, ask questions, or connect with fellow riders. You must  REGISTER  and  LOGIN  to leave comments (Otherwise we get too much spam).

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You can now join Denali Randonneurs on our Join Us page, and register for rides on our Events page.


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